Claudio Laffi is a textile consultancy studio which has been working in the textile sector since 1983.

It was established from a great passion linked to the heritage and memories of our city, Prato.

Our creativity goes beyond the mountain of rags, full of hard working and meaning. The same mountains that have represented memories of lives of both wealth and poverty.

The concept of recycling begins in Prato, almost like a patent, from the small town to the world, the world inside a small town. Destroying to rebuild.

It is said that all military uniforms from all over the world died in Prato.

The memory has an essential role and a way of thinking that influences each creative expression of ours.

A continuous research through time, places and matter. With colours in our eyes and senses switched on, we start building to then destroy and rebuild again, placing doubt at the centre of attention as a motivation to never stop.

Our small but passionate team devoted to a common project

We could describe ourselves as artisans of ideas, continuously researching; always comparing the past and the present, with fear and courage, uncertainty and provocation, at the start of every season we empty our minds and cancel our memories to create a new collection.

Planning priorities and spotting details is always a new exercise and with perseverance in its repetition helps us to find the right direction.

Our collections include fabrics from menswear and womenswear, ranging from shirting items in feminine fluid fabrics, from cotton and non-cotton trousers to yarn-dyed and piece-dyed textiles until arriving to the world of printing.

We work with primordial fibre such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk and so on but as alchemists we also love blending natural and synthetic fibres to create brand new looks and handfeels.

Starting from the yarn selection, transversely we work on the technical construction of the article determining its ennoblement.

A distinctive feature is the uniqueness of our studio, where, as consultants we create the product and then as agents we sell it.

Our commercial experience has allowed us to develop a strong sensitivity for the product and to build close and established relationships with all our customers both in the Italian and foreign markets.

With careful analysis we address all markets and all forms of marketing without neglecting any type of competition.

Two distinguished professional figures that both complement and enrich each other.